About Bryce:

Bryce Hegge is a 19 year old musician from St. Michael, Minnesota. In addition to writing his own music, Bryce sings a wide range of music, plays drums, guitar, raps, and dabbles on the piano. Bryce has played a variety of different venues around America. Starting his performances around 14, he has opened for Kat Perkins, Chris Kroeze, GB Leighton, Chris Hawkey, Jesse Larson, and a wide range of other artists throughout the Twin Cities area. 


In one of his newest projects, The "Bryce Hegge Band", Hegge puts aside his usual  Ed Sheeran-style, one-man-band, solo performance and creates an experience for audiences of all ages to enjoy! In this act, he drums and sings. 


Bryce has built a stout resume winning multiple awards including two of his most cherished, The Gold Award and The James Taylor Award for creativity, talent, and professionalism. Bryce is proud of the variety of his projects and community involvements and has most recently founded his company BH Entertainment.